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First of all let me apologize for the sloooow update of this site.
It's been 4 months since I last updated - I've obviously been busy else where...
Well, I'll be clearing out the cobweb over the next week(s) or so - starting with the links.
I also created a new and smaller banner/button.
By the way, thanks for all the e-mails - sorry I didn't have time to answer all of them.


I've added 4 new links... Go to the links page.


3 new links have been added to the links page.


Well, there isn't really any news this time. I'm currently working on improving the gallery. I've been thinking of making sections for people who doesn't have a home page of their own, but would like to post their photos anyway...


There's a new link. Very informative site - check it out.


I've received many e-mails - thank you all for the response to this site!
But the thing was many of these mails were asking the same questions. So as an extra service I've created a FAQ page containing the most common questions about the different Lubitels. I think this would save some time for everyone.


Well, I cleaned up the links - so all the links that are left should lead somewhere.


It's been a while since I updated the site. There hasn't been much to update with...
...but now I've created a cool banner for these pages. Check it out.
A new URL was also added to the links page.


Well, this is the first update in the 21st century - no Y2K-bugs detected :-)
I've added a new Inspirational section to the links page.


A new URL was added to the links page.


I've added menu bars at the bottom of every page for easier access between pages (suggested by Jess Corbett -- thanks).
A new tip has been added to the resource page (provided by Christopher Evans -- thanks). A new URL was added to the links page.
Look for this sign:


I cancelled the account with Extreme Tracker because of script errors with Internet Explorer and the page script. Instead I have opened an account with Site Meter -- which seems to work fine.
Some minor bugs were also fixed.
The site is now ready for the world :-)
Next step will be adding the site to a *lot* of search engines...


Meta tags were added. HTML code for Extreme Tracker were placed, and the page tracker was activated.


All files were uploaded to the site using Anarchie.

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