On this page I've collected some of the most frequently asked questions about the Lubitel I have received since this site launched. If you have something you think should be added to this FAQ please send an e-mail.
The information here has been dug up from the depths of the Net and may not be entirely correct. If you have corrections to the content of this FAQ, feel free to contact me.

Are LOMO still manufacturing the Lubitel?

No. Production ended in august 1998.

Where can i get a Lubitel?

The most likely place you could get one (used) is at the eBay auctions. If you're lucky you might still be able to get a new one at one of the on-line camera shops. Check out the links section for details.

What are the differences between the Lubitels?

There's not much difference between the Lubitels. Except the materials used. The lenses in all generations of Lubitel are the same - T22 75mm f4.5.

Here's the family line:


Produced 1946-1950. A copy of the 1937 Voigtländer Brilliant. It was made of Bakelite, a predecessor to plastic.


Produced 1950-1956. An upgraded version of the Komsomol. Made of Bakelite.

Lubitel 2

Produced 1955-1977. An upgraded version with flash synchronization and self timer. Still made of Bakelite.

Lubitel 166

Produced 1977-1980. An upgrade. The first version made of plastic.

Lubitel 166B

Produced 1980-?. A film reminder dial was added to the design. Made of plastic.

Lubitel 166 Universal

Produced 1984-1998. The final version. Has a film limiting frame that enables the camera to take pictures in the 6x4.5 format. It has a better lock mechanism for the camera back. Also made of plastic.

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