These links are about all the sites on the web concerning the Lubitel. Feel free to contact me if I've missed a site or you know about a new one.

Lubitel websites:

Christopher Evans - examples and advice. Other nice russian cameras and toy cameras as well.
David Lambright - The Online Photo Reference Guide.
Jesper Outzen - color pictures and other russian cameras.
Karearea's Virtual Pad - lots of color pictures and the manual.
Krisbee's Lubitel page - words and b&w pictures.
Zike's Place - "It Maybe Crap to You, But I Like It!"
Jan Sinstadt - the early photographs.
David Gingold - info and lots of pictures.
Mark Berry - historic info and links.
Mak Kar Yan - technical details and pictures.
Lubitel Primer - thoughts on the Lubitel 166.
Ryukichi Photo Gallery - Japanese Lubitel site.
Grayscale - b&w pictures taken with Lubitel and other toy cameras, Holga and Diana.
Lubitel Twin Lens Reflex Camera - About the Lubitel 2 and photo notes.
Undercover 35 - Professor Andrew Davidhazy "beta"-tests the Lubitel and explores the panoramic possibilities of the Lubitel 166U.
Yuki Kobo - Japanese Lubitel gallery.
Slidebar Stereo Photography - using a Lubitel 166U.
Photographic Creativity - a Lubitel philosophy.
Dirk Breuer - German page and pictures.
Vincent Zacharias - Photos Perso - a French gallery.
Mikael Pedersen - Norwegian gallery.
Fantastic Camera Gallery - Japanese.
Tom's Toy Camera Page - Austrian page.
Jackie Lund - Pictures shot with a Lubitel.
Roland and Caroline's Home page - Russian Corner - detailed information on the different Lubitels and other Russian cameras.
Lubitel 166 - Japanese site.
Alfred's Camera Page - Lubitel 2 and other Russian cameras.
Lubitel 166B - Site in Russian.
Confuse the net: Lubitel - a page by Christoph Otto.
cmk photography - featuring Lubitel, Holga, Lomo LC-A and pinhole a camera.
Watanabe Nobuyuki's Homepage - a lot of russian camreas...(in Japanese)
svo's shutterclang - pictures taken with the Lubi.

- The home page of Anthony J. Robertson - photo gallery and portfolio.

Shopping for a Lubitel:

Basscult - Japanese site.
GEK, Inc. - supplier of russian optical equipment and cameras: Lubitel, Lomo, Kiev, Zenit and Horizon. - Russian cameras and accessories. - Soviet cameras...

Other resources:

The Lubitel 166 Club - the place for the Lubitel crowd.
Soviet medium format cameras


Having trouble figuring out what to point your camera at? -- Well, I have collected a few inspirational links to give you some new ideas:

Center for Creative Photography - a museum and research center devoted to photography as an art form.
Portrait Tips - by JC Penney.
Night photography - The Nocturnes - a resource for information about night photography.
Astrophotography - Hans-Michaels's astronomy and astrophotography page.
Lightning Photo Tips - by Michael Bath.
Animal Photography - Dogs, Cats and Wildlife Photography.

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